The Keramos UI Kit design reproduces noble natural materials and forms in a single balanced concept. It conveys a feeling of purity and excellent quality where every texture and shade is appropriate and complements each other. And this clean design can complement your digital product beautifully.

Choose this style and apply it to your plugin interface - white stone on the background, wood with porcelain inserts on the controls, a wave of knob scales moving synchronously with the pointer, slider scales with a straight line changing when it moves, and finally splashes of yellow sunshine as a living unifying element.

It's all about the quality you may be looking for in your audio instrument design. The exclusive license is available for purchase only once!

What do you get with the Exclusive License?

  • Photoshop source file;
  • Blender 3D source file;
  • Lifetime License.

We can also provide an additional service to reskin your product with this Keramos UI Kit!

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