Product Redesign Service

1 Page
2-3 Pages

Ready to elevate your product's appearance and functionality? With our "Product Redesign" or simple re-skin service, you can easily transform your complete or nearly complete product! Using this service improves your UX and UI, and it also provides you with the UI assets exported!

Purchase any UI Kit from the existing selection on UI Mother Store, whether exclusive or non-exclusive, and with this option, you'll have it seamlessly applied to your product. Additionally, you'll have UI assets exported in either SVG or PNG format, perfectly tailored to the number of pages you need.

After purchasing the "Product Redesign" service (for 1 page or more) from the UI Mother Team, you'll receive:

  • Adjusted UI Design for 1 page (or 2-3) of your plugin/library layout.
  • Get the design ready in the same format as the UI Kit in Figma or Photoshop.
  • Have knobs animated to PNG filmstrip, including single-shot PNG assets.
  • Get the UI assets of this page exported to PNG or SVG

Watch what the "Product Redesign" service looks like in action. We used an existing kit and a well-known plugin to demonstrate the process of applying a style and optimizing the layout to ensure everything functions seamlessly!!

Preview video

Important notes:

  • The number of available slots for this service is limited.
  • After purchase, we will commence work within 3-7 working days.
  • We only accept finalized layouts or ready products for reskinning, without further adjustments and changes. Otherwise, hourly billing will be applied.
  • We do not accept stylistic changes unless they impact the proper understanding of the function by the end user.
  • We strive to enhance and rectify UX to the best of our ability within the allocated time, approximately 10 hours of designer time for the UI/UX stage.
  • This service is not applicable to products with four or more pages.
  • We export only one size of UI assets under this service.
  • We recommend choosing the highest resolution that can be downscaled using bulk operations.
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