Black & White Comp 2.0

Standard Plus

Sustained style, sharp lines, dimensional movement, a touch of the sound.

Everything in this GUI kit is combined and collected with memories, feelings, and knowledge of a so loved era of music.

The main purpose of Black & White Comp 2.0 kit is to bring you to a real, feeling world where you can touch, smell and experience music as if this was a physical instrument. In this environment, you can select colors and work on the body of the instrument.

When creating this peaceful and collected in harmony GUI kit, we were thinking of the creator of the music itself. Creating music, it's always an artistic way that requires emotions, and this GUI kit will bring a full stack of feelings. As this little fella awakens all the senses of an old instrument, the history of music, all the colors of the artistic rebellion of the French New Wave in music, and all the 70-80 with iconic bits and even more.

Black & White Comp 2.0 GUI kit will be a delight to have for every music lover and composer, as it can work with VST or Kontakt. Everything in this design is made with perfection to detail. As it should be in a musical instrument. So everything is needed to create iconic tracks with it.


  • PNG files of all UI elements
  • on/off states;
  • 129 frames Small/Middle knobs animation;
  • 257 frames Big Knob animation;
  • Figma source file;
  • Assets animation source file (for a Maximum Version of 10 copies);
  • 10 hours of our expert designer to add to the model some extra design elements (for a Maximum Version of 10 copies).

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      Thank you for being part of the community with great visual taste!

      Yours UI Mother, Natalia Hera

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