How to create a GUI Design on a budget?

How to create a GUI Design on a budget?

You are not a professional graphic designer and plugin or Kontakt library requires budget-wise GUI design? Here is a good example of how UI kits might be of great use for you.

Let’s identify UI kit first. GUI Kit is a set of graphic files you can use to build a professional design for your project. Whenever you have a limited budget, tight deadline, or simply no wish to find a designer and wait for the result, just remember you can use a GUI Kit created by experts.

Identify your project audience and plugin style that feels right to create the right impression for this audience.

If there is anything close tour your idea on our website - that’s perfect. If not - you can modify one. Like so. 

Switchblade GUI using UI kit by UIMother

Actually, there's a number of benefits if you start sketching or how they call it wireframing your plugin with a UI kit graphics. Having any stylized assets helps you keep all the sizes and proportions. Using Kit you can get a quick visual test of where you are squeezing in too many controls, where UI is overloaded etc.

A simple grid for your wireframe a pinch of consistency like equal text-to-knobs margins would make your work even better.

Here's an example of finding a nice kit, quicky prototyping a product with it focusing on features and sounds instead of the graphical part as it's been done professionally for you.

GUI Design created with UI template

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